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Welcome to Carousel of Life

Life, like a carousel, continually brings us challenges. Estate sales can be one of the most challenging. You need a professional, experienced team who will properly value your belongings - and manage the entire process all the way to the bank.

That's what Carousel of Life Estate Sales and Service is all about!

Carousel of Life provides an initial evaluation of your property free of charge.  We offer estate sales, estate liquidation services, and consultation services. We advise individuals and professionals, from all over the the country, on the best way to maximize the value of their possessions. 

Our job is to prepare, staff and conduct your sale. 

Our goal is to provide a successful and profitable sale, while maintaining the dignity of, and respect for, the owners' possessions - as well as family members.  We are keenly aware that these belongings represent a lifetime of love, family, memories, celebrations and dreams.

  We believe that your home is a reflection of you and your loved ones.  It is to be revered and respected, as are your belongings.  Each item will be treated respectfully regardless of value.

The owners of Carousel of Life not only pride themselves on their professionalism, but they also have more than 50 years of both wholesale and retail sales experience and knowledge.



FAX: 210.648.0650