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We have been lucky to work for some outstanding people over the years and we receive many thanks and comments.  Here are some of our favorites!

I used Carousel Of Life to run my estate sale in October 2017, I can say the experience was wonderful. Cheryl and the staff were kind, caring, empathetic, and very determined.

My husband and I recently had to downsize from a two story 4000 sq ft home, to a two bedroom apartment. For us, this was a great move to make. I thought we were good about not having a lot of items to dispense of… WE WERE WRONG. We were also in a situation where we had to be out of the house early, so Cheryl had to really juggle her schedule to accommodate us, and that's exactly what she did. We had over 1,800 people come through our house within three days time; the staff also kept the house clean during all of that foot traffic.

Cheryl and her staff are so helpful, calm, and knowledgeable! If they don't have an answer, just give them two seconds, and they will get it!

The services that are provided at Carousel Of Life are all too often not provided elsewhere. That being said, I would gladly to recommend this company to anyone in need of an estate sale company.


A happy Carousel Of Life customer!

When I began looking for someone to assist me with an estate sale, I had absolutely no experience. I had never attended, let alone had an estate sale, and really knew next to nothing about them. So I commenced a search of those who provided estate sale services in the San Antonio area. In a matter of approximately ten days, I interviewed FOURTEEN companies in my home/ over the phone, and spoke with another six to eight, briefly. I was truly amazed at what was out there and dismayed at the same time.

 When I spoke to Cheryl Dietert the very first time, I felt I had found someone that genuinely cared about the client. The conversation was entirely different from most of the others I had spoken with before making my selection. Cheryl told me what her service would provide, but she did so in a manor that made me feel like a valued client. I can tell you after speaking to as many companies as I did, this is not typical. I wanted someone who appreciated the fact that this was my belongings, and my home. Cheryl was indeed that person.

 From the very beginning, Cheryl and her staff were both professional and friendly. I liked the idea of “staging” the home like a showroom, rather than stacking the items around like a glorified garage sale. In addition, I appreciated the toughness with which they researched items for prices as well as seeking my opinion on specific or unusual items.

 The sale itself was for three days, and was well staffed and monitored throughout. It was a good turnout, despite being a rainy weekend in March 2017.  After the sale, Cheryl and her staff assisted me in determining what items I could still sell,  and what would be better off donating. What you wont find with many other estate sale providers is the willingness to further assist after the end of the sale. This is not the case with Carousel Of Life. Cheryl and staff helped me itemize and organize things they would take to their showroom for later sales and those items to donate to charity. They even offered charities they knew would take particular items, and made arrangements for those charities to pick the items up.  That is a huge burden lifted if you have no prior estate sale experience.

 The items that did not sell have been offered not only at the Carousel of Life showroom, but even displayed at other estates sales, with the third party’s permission. I have continued to work with Carousel of Life for several months. Some additional items have sold, and others have not. I decided I did not want any of the items back after I had moved and downsized. Cheryl had it arranged for the last of the unsold items to be picked up from the showroom and then be donated.

 I highly recommend this company. They are fair, friendly, professional, and caring.


Lowell Lischer

     They were quick in responding to my needs and courteous in their approach and handling of my mother’s estate.  The tagging and posting of the estate sale along with staff to monitor and answer questions as potential buyers came through the house was done smoothly.  I was pleased with their display of items and their knowledge of pieces that had special value.

Again, thank you.

Josephine Maria Kennedy
San Diego

     Dear Alicia--I cannot begin to thank you and your team for all of the assistance you gave me during a very difficult time in my life.  Due to my financial reversal, my having to vacate my home and move to a very small rental was very traumatic for me. The fact that I had only 30 days to do all of this made it even more stressful.  You were so kind and the money you were able to get me for all of my furniture and other items that I could not take with me made the move so much more acceptable.  The money helped to get me back in a much more stable financial situation and allowed me to have some reserve to purchase some things to make the rental seem more like my own home.

     I never dreamed that your company could act so quickly and efficiently to provide a sale with such short notice.  Your kindness and compassion at such an incredibly awkward time in my life is much appreciated and will not be forgotten.

Blessings to you and your staff

Rhonda Gonzales

     When a friend suggested I have an estate sale for my furniture and household items, I hesitated because I thought the process would be too complicated.  Being recently divorced, and consequently downsizing to a one bedroom condominium, I had a lot of things that I would no longer need or have room for in my 850 sq.ft. home.

An acquaintance suggested I try Carousel of Life.  I did and her advice was well taken.  The results of the sale were spectacular.  I would definitely recommend this company.

Many, many thanks for a job well done.

Mark R.

     The Carousel of Life team is indeed a treasure!!!  Our estate sale was conducted with efficiency and expediency, yet with time allowed for any questions or concerns my wife and I had.

The "Go-To-Girls" are great!


     I just wanted to thank you and your crew for doing an incredible job of cleaning, staging,and selling our belongings.  Your employees were professional and caring.  Also, the surprisingly larger than expected profit is sincerely appreciated.

Larry S.

     Fue una gran experiencia ser clientes de Carousel of Life Estate Sales.  Nos encontrabamos muy apresurados por la necesidad de vender nuestra casa rapidamente, para mudarnos a un apartamento mas pequeno in Costa Rica.  Siempre agradeceremos el apoyo de Cheryl y Alicia, por ayudarnos en lograr este gran cambio sin mayor esfuerzo.  Atendieron sin excepcion alguna a nuestras opiniones en cuanto al precio y valor.  Al fin, estamos muy contentos por las ganancias que realizamos y el profesionalismo y la eficiencia que se nos mostro a lo largo del proceso de vender.

     It was such a pleasure to work with the staff of Carousel of Life Estate Sales.  We were under pressure to sell our home quickly to move to a smaller apartment in Costa Rica, and we will forever be grateful to Cheryl and Alicia for making the transition so effortless.  They respectfully considered our opinions with regard to pricing and value.  We were very pleased with the profits and the efficient manner in which the sale was conducted.

Thank you,

Alfonso Pena
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

     I just wanted to say a little something that speaks volumes about the  character and integrity of the ladies of Carousel of Life Estate Sales.  When my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, I made a conscious decision to remove myself from the work force to become a caregiver in her hour of need.  After five years, and a courageous battle on my wife's part, and multiple surgeries, we lost the good fight. 

     Before the end, my wife Rebecca had the pleasure of meeting Cheryl and they immediately became inseparable.  Cheryl made a place in her company and in her heart for my wife in her last, unbeknownst to us, days of her life.  I will forever be greatful to Cheryl for allowing my wife to regain a little dignity in her life in what must have been her most excruciating time.

     Furthermore, after my wife's untimely demise, Cheryl offered me a job and now I'm happy to say I have the pleasure of working for her.  I'm just greatful for everything she has done for me and my family and she continues to amaze me with her generosity and compassion.

Love you Cheryl,

Anthony Trevino
San Antonio, Texas